Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hong Kong - Giant Buddha or 天壇大佛

It is photo time again, this round i would to share the photos i took from my last Hong Kong trip in 2009. Pai seh i am not going to share all in single post because there are a lot and i prefer split into few post. 

Today i will just share the giant Buddha photo. If you never went there before, Giant Buddha is located in Ngong Ping, Lantau island. To go there you can take MTR to Tung Ching station and change to cable car or bus if you scare of height or kiam siap :). Giant Buddha is 34 metres (112 ft) tall, weighs 250 metric tons (280 short tons) and it is one of the world's tallest outdoor bronze seated Buddha. If you like to know more about Giant Buddha... Google it yourself lah.. 

It was December at that time, not so hot but not cold either, perfect timing for travel. ok lah. stop talking liao, here you go the photos.

That's all for this round, next post i will share others location photo from HK, stay tune.

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