Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grand Canyon part 1

Hallo guys, it was sometimes i didn't update this blog, sorry ya. Last year Dec i was really busy with work + family stuff. Coming to this year i had a chance travel to US to visit my wife which has a project running Oregon state. Sounds nice right? yeah it was except the bill of the air ticket and you have to spend everything in USD :-(. . Me and my wife took a week off after i arrive Oregon for 2 days and we bought ourself an air ticket Las Vegas or Sin City. After that we rent a car from Vegas and drive to Grand Canyon. It was 4 hours boring drive due to Nevada & Arizona sunset is quite early (about 6pm and the sky will dark). When we arrive at 10pm and we was surprise to see everywhere is cover with snow. oh man.... Grand Canyon is desert and not suppose to be hot one meh? unfortunately this place will also have winter and just most of the time tourist choose to visit this here during summer which is super hot and hence express a wrong message to us. So how cold is it? not very cold lah, -6 degree C to 6 degree C plus windy. Still okay... (actually F'ing freezing). Alright, cut the blar blar and straight to photo viewing. i split in to part 1 and part 2 because i have tons of photo i would like to share. Hope won't make you sian (boring) lah.. Enjoy.

Sunrise 1 at Grand Canyon
Stunning sky, will with cloud

Sunrise 2

Sunrise 2
Korean uncle at another side taking sunrise photo. This photo was captured using 70-200 f/4L
The Sun is coming but the other side is cover with cloud.

The rock actually in layer and most importantly snow is everywhere.

A strange big rock

Panorama view, combination 3 photos

One is the valley in Grand Canyon

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  1. walao, fan shu lor u two!! Too excited to go honey moon , forget check the weather cast liao hor? So freezing cold, u guys bring all summer wear? More updates please, i am waiting for next post ;)

    Ah jin