Sunday, August 8, 2010


Last Friday i attended my department team building at Penang Queensbay Mall. To be frank i always like team building because can eat free and most important no need to work on that day :). We have lunch at TGI Friday and i ordered Jack Daniel's Burger. Why choose Burger ah?? No special reason, i drank Jack Daniel before and it taste okay, so i believe the burger version must be good as well. The burger was nice but i took very long time to finish it due to the portion was really big. 2 to 3x compare to the roadside burger sell by our Malay friend .

After the nice lunch, all of us went to watch Angelina Jolie latest action movie, SALT. The story line quite simple and easy to understand, Angelina Jolie (Salt) was a spy work for CIA to North Korea. When the story goes, she actually a Russian and trained by the Russian bad guy during her young age and sent to US to work for US government and wait for the command from the Russian bad guy. After she found out her hubby were killed by her own Russian gang, she changed her mind and kill back the Russian gang and stop the bad guy launching nuclear bomb to Muslim country in middle east

mmmm, how do i feel about this movie, ok lah... the action was okay but i found the sounds is stunning, kudos to the sound mixing team. Angelina looks old and i can see wrinkle on her face... maybe she was too busy taking care her own kids in the past 1 year with sexy icon Brad Pitt. Quite disappointing (from man standpoint) she didn't wear any sexy clothes in that movie. i saw the trailer from youtube it did have some kissing scenes but in actual movie it was not.. i think our 1malaysia government already censored it make it to PG13 instead of PG18.. too bad...too bad....

Overall it is a decent movie and it worth for you to pay RM9/RM10 for it.
Enjoy, i include the youtube link into my blog. do watch it with your love one or friend if you have free time

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