Sunday, August 15, 2010

Top Gear - Vietnam

I like cars, but i am not an expert. Just like i love to eat curry mee but it doesn't mean i know how to cook curry mee. So like other people that like cars, i like to watch TV car show too in order to get latest update on the new car release and the test drive result.

There are a lot of car show in TV or youtube. but among them, i like Top Gear from UK the most. It start to re-show in 2002 (if i am not mistaken) and through out the year the show had earn a lot of positive critics and a lot of negative critics too. I just a viewer, i found the show is nice and suite my taste, so who cares on the negative critics!!!. Excuse me, Top Gear won't pay me a single penny on promoting their show in this blog. But anyhow not many people viewing my blog also lah... haha... syok sendiri... 

Basically the show has 3 host, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May. 3 of them are very funny and have their own characteristic. Funny is they can critic the car that they review till kow kow.. and they did some racing using the car with other machine, which i found very interesting instead of just race between car to car like other ordinary show did. But i like the most is their special edition, the will go to a country and use the limited budget they have to buy a car or a bike and use it to travel few thousand miles.. during the expedition, they faced a lot of problems and you will see how they use their creativity and innovative in solving the problem and continue the expedition till the end. Today i am going to share their expedition to Vietnam. Hope you guys like it 

Part1 of 8

Part2 of 8

Part3 of 8

Part4 of 8

Part5 of 8

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Part8 of 8

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