Sunday, September 12, 2010

Canon drop SLR price, prepared for 60D launch?

Recently Canon has drop the selling price for Canon 550D, 500D, 50D, 5D, 1000D & 7D. So are they preparing for 60D launch and revise the selling price? let's wait and see.

Here is the new price i checked from

Price listed below are body only
550D   - Price drop from RM2699 to RM2328
500D   - Price drop from EM2395 to RM1968
1000D - Price drop from RM1850 to RM1588
50D     - Price drop from RM3695 to RM2988
7D       - Price drop from RM5750 to RM4589
60D     - I predict price should be between RM3.4k to 3.8k

Canon has released the official website for Canon 60D for Canon Asia. Do take a look if you have time.


  1. pain, very pain, zha zai buy later...

    -ah jin

  2. aiya... is like that one lah.. the price of camera drop very fast one