Friday, September 17, 2010

Nikon D7000

Canon competitor Nikon has launch D7000, a new segment between D90 and D300s. So whoever looking for D90 replacement, you won't get 1 to 1 replacement instead you need to pay extra bucks to get D7000.  I am not sure D7000 will be the direct competitor for Canon 60D or not, but i am sure a lot of photography review website definitely will do some PK between this 2 cameras, so let's see what is the outcome later. 

Okay, back to D7000, the size is almost the same with D90, so the handling should be the same except D7000 is magnesium alloy body which give you more solid feel. It pack with 16.2MP sensor (from Sony i think), quite high for Nikon family actually. If you familiar with Canon, they always pack with higher resolution sensor compare to Nikon. Anyway, do take note that higher MP doesn't mean you can get better picture quality, at least not all the time. 

D7000 standard ISO range is 100-6400 and it can expand to 12,800/25,600, which is quite match to current middle level SLR market expectation. The camera also come with 921k dot 3 inch LCD screen, full HD video recording and what surprise me is the dual SD card slots. For normal photo shooting, i believe 1 SD card slot is enough, but if taking full HD movie, the 2 card slot will come in handy because HD movie easily suck out a lot of memory. 

Amazon has start to receive pre-order for D7000, price is USD1199 for body only. By compare to Canon 60D, D7000 is USD100 more expensive. So which one worth the money from your pocket? you know the answer better than i do.  

Okay, that's all i want to talk about D7000, if you looking for in depth review, just google and you will find a lot of useful site that better than mine one. Picture below showed the size by size comparison between D90, D7000 & D300s

Key Features of D7000
  • 16.2MP CMOS sensor
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • ISO 100-6400 (plus H1 and H2 equivalent to ISO 12,800/25,600)
  • New 39-point AF system
  • Dual SD card slots
  • 3.0 inch 921k dot LCD screen
  • Up to 6fps continuous shooting
  • Lockable shooting mode dial
  • Built-in intervalometer
  • Electronic virtual horizon
  • Magnesium alloy body
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