Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When Iphone 4 will start selling in Malaysia??

Singapore already selling Iphone4 for quite sometimes, with or without carrier contract, which is a good news for all the consumer as they no need to sign the contract just to get the phone. Hopefully Malaysia will do the same thing as well and not just lock down to 2 carrier like what happen on Iphone 3Gs. Iphone 4 is a cool phone but i hope you won't upset with the signal lost as Apple will give you a free condom (rubber) that can fix the problem (oops, Apple CEO Mr Steve not really think this is a problem). As you can see from the photo, white color is not available yet due to some technical issue, i think the paint easily tear out kut....

My sister own a Iphone4 and luckily i have a chance to play with it. While holding the phone on my palm, the phone feel very solid and heavier compare to 3Gs which feel plastic and lighter. The build quality is good and you can feel it is worth for the money. The 3.5 inch screen color is stunning, resolution is 960 x 640 and the color is a lot better compare to my Samsung Omnia 2. It has front camera and the back is packed with 5MP and flash. But funny is the phone only can make video call thru wifi but not 3G. Pelik (odd)!!!. So simple said you only able to make video call when you have wireless connection.

For the user who bought iphone, you won't disappointed with the software experience. Another + point is the free apps are a lot too. But bear in mind that Android phone popularity is increasing and very soon it will become the biggest rival of Iphone. So you like Iphone or Android, remember to do some comparison and try it at phone shop before you make final decision to spend your hard earn money on the gadget.

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  1. cool phone...i am also interested with Iphone4g but too expensive. Taiwan launched last week and ppl were crazy for it, Q at mignight just want to ensure able to get one iphone4g.