Thursday, September 23, 2010

Iphone4 finally launch in Malaysia

Believe it or not, after a day i ask about when iphone4 will launch in Malaysia? then today it launch right away... what a coincidence ah......

Okay, there are 2 carrier in Malaysia offer iphone4, Maxis and Digi. If you look at the package offer by them, Digi package is far better as you only need to pay lesser monthly fees, RM58 compare to Maxis you need to pay RM100 per month just to own the phone.

Haha.. i believe now you know who will be your choice to get a iphone4 then. Enjoy your Q to get the phone lah... do remember to bring your sleeping bag, toothbrush, homemade pillow, mineral water, magazine and a friend too so that you can go to toilet mah... if is even better your mom can bring chicken soup for you to drink while you are Q'ing. hahaha...

Digi offer

Maxis Offer

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