Monday, September 27, 2010

Sg Layar photo outing

It’s been a while I didn't share any photo from my canon 350D, pai seh ah.. I was too lazy to pick photos from my collections and share it out to you guys, plus this week I am busy doing OT in weekend to earn extra pocket money. Hehe

Last week my sister and her hubby came back from Singapore to visit our parent in Sg Petani, Kedah and we decided to organize a small photo outing between myself and my SGD (Singapore dollor) brother in law :-) to test out his new camera. He actually bought Panasonic FZ35 few months back after I recommend this model to him as I bought same camera model to my wife earlier of the year. Primary objective of this photo outing is for him to get familiar with FZ35 function before my sister and him travel to Korea in October.  Secondly is to avoid him complain the camera lao beh (lame), you know lah.. usually people blame the camera more than their own skills mah... sorry bro.......wahahaha... 

Location was my kampung (home place), Sg Layar - the place i spent my youth days. It got river, got padi field and it is only 5min away, perfect location for photo shooting. We woke up at early morning and travel to Sg Jagung river with my elder sister motorcycle. We stop at a small jetty nearby the bridge connect Sg Layar to Semerling so that we can start shooting some nice photo. 

It was a nice morning and the view was great too except we still a bit sleepy at that time. It still early and no people around except a few workers but surprisingly i met my secondary school junior. She was alone and i managed to take some photo of her before i go and say hi to her. 

Ok lah, enough talking.. enjoy the photos around the jetty and do leave some comment if you feel  the photo is nice or need some improvement.


She was thinking something when i took this photo

Another photo of her from the back
The view to Sg Jagung river from the bridge

The bridge between Sg Layar and Semerling

View from jetty
Pillar at the jetty

A view below the jetty
Fisherman boat (Sampan) 

View from the sampan to the bridge
Another view from the sampan to the bridge

Passenger boat from the jetty
The fisherman is preparing to catch some fish


  1. Bro, who's the SGD guy? :pp

    Like the way you edit the "Fisherman" and "View from the sampan to the bridge". Nicely done! :)

  2. This is really impressing....honestly, I like every photo!!! No need work OT to earn extra pocket money, you may consider to open a photography class....
    hmm....looks like I can offer you a part time my little princess to take photo when you meet her.... :-)

  3. To the inbalanced: The SGD guy is the one earn and spent SGD dollar lah.. Thanks for the comment, do share your photo soon..

    To Lingx2: OT claim is good neh.. hardly reject lah... glad that you like the photos but i am still far far away from pro....
    yeah.. i can help to take photo of your little princess... remember to put her in cute cute dress ah...

  4. I never know SP have such a beautiful Jetty until I see the photos that u posted here. pai seh pai seh... May be I seldom hang around when I was there. Thanks for sharing such a nice series of photos. Looking fwd to see more and more of ur photographying work. Gambateh -- Kock.S.H

  5. Woooo~~~ nice pics!!!!!!!!!
    sui le senior!!!!!
    no "like" icon can click on blogspot, aiya~~~

    I "steal" my pics for here ah :D
    Thanks for the nice pics.
    Love it ^^

  6. to Kock.S.H - thanks for the comment, next time do visit the jetty if you have extra time. :) i will continue to post more photo when i have free time.

    to Gee_Gi - next time let's hang together to shoot some photo ya..