Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Ipod Nano

Apple has launched new Ipod Nano and now it is avalable on Malaysia Apple Store. According to Mr Steve Job (Apple CEO), the new Ipod nano is about 50% lighter and 50% smaller to previous Nano. Okay... it is supporting touch screen features now with multi touch technology, meaning you can put 2 fingers into the1.54 inch screen and tweak around. But the screen is relative small, i don't think you can satisfy with it compare with ipod touch which is as big as iphone. 

The icon idea are copied from Iphone and it should be no problem for the folks to play around with it. Nano can last for 24 hours playback with single charge. pretty standard compare to others brand player. Weight is only 21.1 grams, for me it is very light and you won't easily notice if it drop from your pocket. According to Apple Store, selling price for 8GB is RM549 and 16GB is RM679, okay for the price standpoint but i bet you can pay 100 to 200 bucks less if you are buying China brand player with same memory capacity. But if you buy Nano because it is "Apple" then it shouldn't be a big problem for you to pay this amount of money.  So for the folks still struggle on gift idea to your lover this year. Nano might be a good choice for you then

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